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  • Medhurst Estate Vineyard

    2017 Rose

    Deliciously elusive fresh fruits including strawberry and raspberry are supported by white blossom of jasmine and citrus. Whilst this is a great wine to drink alone, we suggest great company and seafood are the perfect accompaniments.

    • $26.00



    About the Range

    A pure expression of our site and the season.

    The Season

    The 2017 growing season was cool and mild, producing wines with wonderful acidity, flavours and fine boned slinky tannins. Due to such mild conditions and a relatively overcast summer vintage began three weeks later then in 2016 and 2015 on March 5th. The wines show great poise, fruit flavour and energy, another classic Yarra Valley vintage in the making.


    This is a deliberate and considered Rosé, which starts from dedicated parts of the vineyard to ensure ripe flavours, fresh fruit and a trademark chalky fine finish.

    After hand-picking into 450kg bins, the fruit is placed overnight into our coolroom for the stalks to dry up,and the enzymatic reactions to slow down allowing a more gentle and pure extraction of juice at dawn the following day. Whole-bunch pressed grapes and yields less than 500 litres per tonne ensure delicate, pale and highly flavoured juice. A portion of the wine was fermented in used French oak to add savoury complexity and texture. Final blend was 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Shiraz.

    Tasting Notes

    Very pale copper with bright salmon hue. Deliciously elusive fresh fruits including strawberry and raspberry are supported by hints of fennel and white blossom of jasmine. The palate is savoury and refined with a supple creamy texture. The finish to the wine is superb, fresh fruits and a long chalky delicate phenolic edge that is trademark of this single vineyard wine.

Medhurst Estate Vineyard