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  • Medhurst Estate Vineyard

    2013 Shiraz

    Bright and spicy perfume with lifted blackberry fruit. The 2013 Medhurst Estate Shiraz is a wonderfully soft and textured wine.
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    About the Range

    A pure expression of our site and the season.

    The Season

    Could it be possible that we break the odd-season bogey?? Every odd year since 1997 has been tough, so approaching 2013, we were running a book on whether it would be too wet and cold like 2011 & 2005 or hot and dry, like 2009 and 1997. It was looking great in spring and early summer, with plenty of rainfall and great growing conditions. Then it didn’t rain in January, it got hot and we were thinking back to 2001 - another hot and dry vintage. As it turned out, it was almost exactly like 2001.

    We picked the two front blocks of Shiraz on March 5 and 8, at a low crop of 6.5 tones per hectare, and then moved a mile south to our D block, where we picked on two occasions: March 21 and a late-pick on April 3, with a crop of only 4.4 tones per hectare.


    The fruit from the House block was “layered” with destemmed fruit on the bottom & top, and a layer of whole fruit in-between, resulting in 25% whole-bunch fermentation, with the other front block made as a 100% whole-bunch wine. The D-block batches were both treated the same way as the House block, creating spicy and richly textured wines. During fermentation each batch was hand-plunged or pigeaged to gently extract the colour from the skins and then pressed at the completion of fermentation, with the two de-stemmed parcels pressed after 12 days on skins and the whole-fruit batches spending 26 days on skins.

    The four batches were aged separately in 100% French oak, with only two new barrels used, which had actually been “seasoned” prior to use by fermenting the Medhurst Sauvignon Blanc in them, reducing the impact of the new oak. After racking only once, the barrels were emptied in September 2014 and the wine was bottled October 2014.

    Tasting Notes

    Bright and spicy perfume with lifted blackberry fruit and a subtle mélange of smoked spices. Wonderfully soft and textured - the wine has the classic suppleness and generosity of shiraz with the fineness and freshness
    associated with great cool climate fruit. The flavours are fresh and lively and demand at least ten years of careful cellaring to allow complete development of complexity and depth.

Medhurst Estate Vineyard